Uncommon Recipe

I recently uncovered a recipe for how to make “A Dream Come True.”


  • Unending amounts of optimism
  • A dab of determination
  • A heap of faith
  • A dream worth fighting for
  • A lot of luck

In order to make a dream come true, you start by warming up some optimism. Preferably, your optimism should come in an unending supply.

Secondly, dab a dose of determination to ensure your dream comes true turns out perfectly. Remember to make sure that the quantity of optimism supersedes the quantity of determination.

You’ll also need a lot of luck to prevent your dream come true from spoiling. Mix it in sporadically and in large quantities.

For best results, make sure your dream comes true is worth fighting for. If it’s not, you should probably discard everything and start from scratch.

Lastly, throw in a heap of faith to even everything out. If your heap was large enough, you should get your dream come true.


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