Pot of Gold

I don’t know where I’m from. The ferris wheel fell down. She looked like a doll. My dad is strong. Whenever the man came down, we played catch. He’s in jail. I wonder if Mac is in heaven. Papa is probably taking good care of him. I wanted tacos. So I went to the other country to get some. Orphan kids don’t cost much. Unless they’re crazy. Then the people with briefcases and paper take them to the special place. I would like to go there. But I’m not special. Basketball is hard to play. Especially when you’re skinny. The big people pushed me. Reading is better. Nobody bothers me when I read. Mom doesn’t like it when I lock the door. Friends are hard to find. So I lock the door. There’s not a pot of gold at the end of rainbows. I think that’s stupid. There should be a pot of gold there. But only for nice people. 


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